Damon Gough re-records 'Pissing In The Wind' with a more radio-friendly lyric...

BADLY DRAWN BOY has been forced to change the title of his song, ‘PISSING IN THE WIND’ to ‘SPITTING IN THE WIND’.

The album track is released as a single at the end of April, but it has been re-recorded with the new lyric [I]’Spitting in the wind’ to ensure it receives radio airplay. The new version will be released on two CD singles and a ten-inch vinyl single. Damon Gough filmed a video for ‘Spitting In The Wind’ with Joan Collins, star of ‘Dynasty’ and ’70s film ‘The Bitch’, during his European tour last week. A spokeswoman told NME.COM that there had been a closed set for part of the filming, because Collins was “not wearing many clothes”.