Listen as Bakar teams up with Dominic Fike on ‘Stop Selling Her Drugs’ from new EP

"Thinks he Charlie Sheen but this is London, bro."

Bakar has dropped a new EP, ‘Will You Be My Yellow?’, featuring a collaboration with rising Florida artist Dominic Fike.

Following the success of last year’s ‘BADKID’ mixtape, the rapper spoke about the creative process of making the track with Fike. “Me and Dom spent time whilst I was in America, and the connection was there right away just on a human level,” Bakar said in a press release.

“We worked on a couple things at his house and when I got back to London ‘Stop Selling’ was the first thing I sent him. He bodied it. Feels right that Dom is the first-ever feature on a Bakar record. That’s my guy.” The song tells the story of a young girl getting caught up in a drug habit and her enabling partner: “Sniffin’ off a magazine / And her boyfriend is a fiend so he’s got to go / Thinks he Charlie Sheen but this is London, bro.” Listen to the track below.


Bakar was named in The NME 100 as one of 2019’s most promising new acts at the end of last year. “Perfectly treading the line between indie belters and Brit-rap bars, Bakar’s a one-man hit factory,” NME said of the artist.

“Tracks like ‘All In’ come off like King Krule-esque grungy jazz, while the menacing ‘Dracula’ borders on clattering punk. Brought up on Bloc Party as much as he was, he’s the perfect encapsulation of Britain’s youthful eclecticism.”