Balming Tiger on collaborating with BTS’ RM on ‘Sexy Nukim’: “There was a part we thought only he could do”

"RM’s part in this song could never be replaced by anyone else"

Balming Tiger have shared their experience working with BTSRM on their latest collaborative single ‘Sexy Nukim’.

The alternative K-pop group recently sat down for an interview with DIY Magazine where they discussed the process of creating their most recent single ‘Sexy Nukim’, which features BTS leader and rapper RM.

When asked about their experience working with the K-pop idol on the new track, which marked their first song with a featured artist, Balming Tiger shared that they had a “belief that RM could express it better than anyone else in this song”.


“Until now, there has never been a principle that all songs should be completed only by our members. There was no feature in the songs so far because we thought it was our members who could understand and express our songs the best,” the group explained. “RM’s part in this song could never be replaced by anyone else.”

Balming Tiger also recounted how they managed to get RM on board with ‘Sexy Nukim’, sharing that because “there was a part we thought only RM could do while we were making a group song”, they approached a mutual acquaintance to reach out to him. “When he heard the song, he gladly said he wanted to join us. We can only say that the energy that we thought of RM while making this song was delivered to him and that he felt it,” they told the outlet.

“Just as we work internally with BT members, the work with him proceeded naturally. Also, his performance was great. We ended up using the lyrics and rap style that he sent us for the first time,” Balming Tiger recalled, before praising RM on his grasp on the style employed on ‘Sexy Nukim’.

“He understood the music 120% and drew his own style within the flow of the track. And because he’s a man of such a humble, charming personality, we’ve been able to have fun throughout our work with him.”

‘Sexy Nukim’ was released yesterday (September 1), and marked RM’s first solo endeavour since BTS announced in June that they would be “[taking] time to explore some solo projects” instead of focusing on group activities.