BamBam admits he had “worries” about his “skills” while preparing ‘riBBon’

“Since this is the first time I’ve gone solo in Korea, I wanted to show that ‘this is BamBam'"

GOT7 singer BamBam has revealed that was worried about his skills as a performer while preparing to release his debut solo mini-album, ‘riBBon’.

During an online press conference held on June 15, which coincided with the release of ‘riBBon’, the Thai-born singer shared concerns he had during the album’s conception, saying he was particularly worried about his skills as a solo artist.

Admitting that he hadn’t “been able to show [his] vocals much until now”, BamBam revealed that he spent time thinking about the kind of music he thought would best showcase his talents.


“Since this is the first time I’ve gone solo in Korea, I wanted to show that ‘this is BamBam’,” he said, as translated by Soompi. “Rather than worry about the concept, I had bigger worries about my skills.”

“I haven’t been able to show my vocals much until now so I thought a lot about what kind of songs it’d be best to sing. I also thought about how I could convey my energy when filling a stage on my own that used to have seven people,” he added.

BamBam also noted that he later sought advice from his fellow GOT7 members, who urged him to be himself. “They said that if I feel pressured, it could actually be worse, and since I already have a bright personality, that I should just pour that energy out in order to help a lot of people feel joy,” he said.

‘riBBon’ is available on all major streaming platforms and features a total of six song, including a title track of the same name. The singer co-wrote a majority of the mini-album, with the exception of ‘Intro’, and also collaborated with hitmakers such as earattack and Murda Beatz.

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