Band Of Horses put finishing touches on new album

Frontman Ben Bridwell reveals the details

Band Of Horses have just put the finishing touches on their follow-up to last year’s ‘Everything All The Time’, frontman Ben Bridwell told NME.COM.

The band have been busy recording the as-yet untitled album at studios in Seattle and their new home in Asheville, North Carolina, and plan to release the album in October.

“We have a few more things to add, but it’s pretty much in the can,” said Bridwell. “We’re just doing the final tweaking and mixing in Seattle.”


Bridwell admitted that the sound of the new album is quite different from their critically acclaimed debut, and contains elements that are simultaneously melancholy and uplifting.

“(Producer) Phil (Ek) likes to say that if the last record sounded like a northwest record, this one sounds like a southeast record. While it’s not the fucking Oak Ridge Boys or anything, it does have some country leanings, but there are also a lot of rockers.”

Bridwell said the band hasn’t yet named most of the tracks, but he divulged those that have been decided on, which include ‘Ode To The LRC’, ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’, and ‘Window Blues’.

The band’s lineup has changed drastcally since the release of ‘Everything All The Time’ — in fact Bridwell is the only remaining member.

“There have been coming and goings forever, we don’t keep it the same dudes all the time,” he explained. “But it hasn’t been bad…there’s just been feeling out of different people that creates a different dynamic. It’s actually been a lot smoother this time.”

One of the band’s rotating members is Robin Peringer of Modest Mouse, who has been their touring guitarist and will play on their upcoming summer dates, including a stop at the Hollywood Bowl on July 7 opening for The Decemberists, and several dates opening for Modest Mouse on their summer US tour.


–By our Los Angeles staff.

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