Band Of Horses drummer ‘has a tattoo of Will Smith eating Rap Snacks’

Creighton Barrett's unusual body art 'revealed' by former bandmate

Band Of HorsesCreighton Barrett sports a tattoo of actor Will Smith eating Rap Snacks, according to the drummer’s former bandmate Matt Gentling.

After rumours circulated about the unusual body art earlier this week, AV Club Chicago was apparently contacted by Gentling, who shed light on the reports.

In a Facebook message to the US news source, Gentling commented:

I saw a call for anyone who could confirm that Creighton Barrett has a tattoo of Will Smith eating Rap Snacks. I guess I could be that anyone. Creighton is a wonderful guy, and he’s got some wonderful tattoos, but that particular one is my second favourite.


Asked which of Barrett‘s tattoos was the best, the bassist continued:

Creighton’s best tattoo, in my opinion, is the guy pulling the tiger by the tail. I’ll try to get him to take a picture.

Rap Snacks is a brand of crisps and popcorn sold in the US as the “official snack of hip-hop”.

Meanwhile, Gentling, who has been a touring bassist for Band Of Horses, reunited with his 1990s band Archers Of Loaf earlier this year.

Band Of Horses released their third album ‘Infinite Arms’ last May. They are due to wrap up their current US tour in New York next week (August 10).

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