Watch Band of Horses play two new songs on Colbert

Their first late-night appearance in support of their upcoming album

Band Of Horses performed two new songs on Colbert last night (May 18), showcasing new material from their forthcoming new album.

The band treated the audience to a performance of ‘Casual Party’ and as a bonus treat for online audiences, they showcased LP track ‘In a Drawer’.

The upcoming album is titled ‘Why Are You Okay’ and is produced by Grandaddy‘s Jason Lytle. It will be their first album since 2012’s ‘Mirage Rock’.


Clues to the release of the new album were given in a ‘treasure trail’ style event at SXSW in March, and frontman Ben Bridwell confirmed the new album is on the way, and will focus on family. The frontman says he wrote many of the tracks in the middle of the night to allow for caring for his children during the day.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly confirming the album, Bridwell said:

“I didn’t have the opportunity, like I used to, to kind of squirrel away in some cabin or a beach house. I just put up some soundproofing – tried to keep the moisture out and the sound waves in. It’s nothing special by any means, but it was a nice place to be able to complain loudly with minimal influence of ears listening to me.”

‘Why Are You Okay’ is set to be released on June 20 via Interscope. You can watch the performances of ‘Casual Party’ and ‘In a Drawer’ below.