Band of Horses confirm new album ‘Why Are You Ok’

Four years after 'Mirage Rock', the Seattle act will launch their fifth album in June

Band Of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell has confirmed the Seattle act’s return with new album ‘Why Are You Ok’ to be released in June.

Clues to the release of the new album were given in a ‘treasure trail’ style event at SXSW last week, and Bridwell confirmed the new album is on the way, and will focus on family, this week. The frontman says he wrote many of the tracks in the middle of the night to allow for caring for his children during the day.

The new album will come almost four years after ‘Mirage Rock’, Band of Horses’ fourth album, and will be produced by Grandaddy man Jason Lytle. The title is taken from a mistyped email sent by his son to a teacher.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly confirming the album, Bridwell said:

“I didn’t have the opportunity, like I used to, to kind of squirrel away in some cabin or a beach house. I just put up some soundproofing – tried to keep the moisture out and the sound waves in. It’s nothing special by any means, but it was a nice place to be able to complain loudly with minimal influence of ears listening to me.”

NMEAndy Willsher/NME

“I didn’t want to just pander to our previous records or maybe even our most fruitful period, but at the same time I definitely attempted to tap into a lot of that stuff throughout,” Bridwell adds, mentioning in particular opening track ‘Dull Times: The Moon’, which he says is a seven-minute epic. The other tracks on the album are yet to be named.

Kendrick Lamar, the Outkast reunion and 50s New York soul singer Peter La Farge are cited as an unlikely fusion of influences.