Band Of Horses: ‘I’m thrilled that David Cameron likes us’

Singer Ben Bridwell also opens up about forthcoming LP 'Mirage Rock'

Band Of Horses say they were “thrilled” to find out that the Prime Minister David Cameron likes them.

Cameron said earlier this year that he was a fan of the US alt-rockers, as well as Lana Del Rey. Speaking to NME, frontman Ben Bridwell said: “I’m thrilled by that; I don’t put any political ties with it.”

He added: “I love that stuff man; I don’t care who anybody is. From a teenager covering our song on YouTube to the Prime Minister of the UK – it’s fucking bonkers to me that anyone from any way of life in any country knows our band.”


Band Of Horses are set to release their fourth album, ‘Mirage Rock’ on September 17. Recorded at LA’s Sunset Sound studios, the record sees the band teaming up with legendary producer Glyn Johns (The Beatles/The Rolling Stones/Led Zeppelin) for the first time.

“It seemed like a long shot, but he agreed to at least come out for a show in Washington DC and we all hit it off so somehow it all lined up,” Bridwell says of the pairing. “He influenced everything; he became another member of the band basically. It was absolutely natural. Sometimes you meet people and it feels like the stars are aligned.”

Bridwell added that Johns influenced the band to move in a rawer direction than their previous material, saying: “It felt like a tribute somehow to everything he’s brought to the world with rock’n’roll. I guess it’s more rallying and with a bit more of a blues influence since we recorded everything live. Glyn really helped us to trim the fat and figure out where we’re at in our career.”

The title of the album nods towards Bridwell’s time spent writing in “a garage down the street from his house,” he says. “I was thinking of the idea of what garage rock is and related it to my own style of art. Like, if someone was welding in the next garage over, what they’d be hearing would be like being in a desert and hearing something from a distance but then realising there’s nothing really there…”

Band Of Horses head to the UK for a short headline tour in November.

Band of Horses will play:


Birmingham HMV Institute (November 15)
O2 Academy Glasgow (16)
Manchester Academy (19)
London Hammersmith Apollo (20)