Two members of Band of Horses quit within a few hours of one another

The pair have been a part of the band since 2007

Band of Horses has lost two members, Tyler Ramsey (guitarist) and Bill Reynolds (bassist) within a couple of hours of one another.

The pair announced on their individual social channels that they were quitting after ten years of being in the band.

Writing on Instagram, Ramsey announced that he would be leaving Band of Horses to release and tour a solo record this Autumn, and that he would miss “the beautifully dysfunctional family we became.” He added, fondly: “We certainly had some good times.”


Reynolds will be moving in a slightly different direction, explaining to his Facebook followers that he wished to focus on record production and  photography, but also hinted at a tour sometime in the future, writing “who knows, maybe I’ll go on the road again someday.” He thanked both the band and their fans, wishing to “thank all the beautiful folks I have met out there on the road with Band of Horses. Thank you for all the support and encouragement, I am very grateful to have been a part of such an amazing band.”

Band of Horses

Ramsey and Reynolds joined Band of Horses in 2007 and stayed with the band through three albums, including 2016’s ‘Why Are You OK’.

The indie folk band will be departing on tour later this month.