Banksy artwork featuring a woman sneezing emerges in Bristol

Mural was first spotted on the side of a semi-detached house this morning

Banksy has revealed a new mural in Bristol, featuring a woman sneezing out her false teeth.

The artwork, entitled “Aachoo!!”, was first spotted on the side of a semi-detached house in Totterdown, this morning (December 10).

Resident Dale Comley, told the BBC he saw what he thought “was a really keen scaffolder” at around 7am GMT.


“I saw a man in a high vis jacket leaning against the railings opposite – he was looking at the wall the whole time,” he said. “Then about an hour later I looked out and saw loads of people in the street.”

Banksy later reposted his artwork on his Instagram page, with a series of images which also showed a man pretending to be blown down by the sneezing woman. You can view them below.

This is the latest in a series of murals Banksy has unveiled since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

In October, the elusive artist confirmed he was behind a mural depicting a girl hula hooping with a tyre which appeared in Lenton, Nottingham.

He also previously spray painted graffiti artwork on a London Underground train with rats pictured sneezing across the carriage and wearing face masks.


While TfL initially later claimed that the artwork was removed because it breached a strict “no graffiti” policy, the Evening Standard confirmed that the artwork was actually erased by a cleaner who had no knowledge of its significance.

Earlier this year, Banksy also celebrated the health workers of the UK in a sketch that portrayed them as superheroes during the ongoing battle against COVID-19.

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