Banksy’s Valentine’s Day artwork to move to Dreamland in Margate

Since it appeared in the Kent town last week, part of the mural has been dismantled a number of times, leading to its new permanent home

Banksy‘s new Valentine’s Day artwork has found a permanent home in Margate.

Last week (February 14), the elusive artist unveiled a new art piece in the Kent town that seemingly highlights domestic violence against women.

Located at Grosvenor Place and titled ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’, the graffiti depicts a 1950s-era housewife who has a bruised eye and is missing a tooth.


The legs of the woman’s husband are seen emerging from a real-life freezer that is in front of the artwork, while various items have been placed next to the wall including a broken white garden chair, an empty beer bottle and a blue crate.

Since its installation, the freezer was removed from the mural twice, first on Tuesday by the local council “on the grounds of safety” and then again last Thursday (December 16) by the London-based Red Eight Gallery.

Now, it has been decided to permanently re-house the mural at the town’s Dreamland amusement park.

Dreamland said in a statement: “We’re thrilled to have been asked to host Margate’s Banksy, enabling the artwork to remain in the town and accessible to all those who want to come and enjoy it for the foreseeable future.

“When everything has been finalised we’ll let you all know.”


Last November, Banksy shared a moving behind-the-scenes video documenting the creation of his recent artworks in Ukraine.

It came shortly after he confirmed that he was behind seven new pieces that had appeared across the war-torn country.

In December, eight people were detained by Ukrainian authorities over the attempted theft of a Banksy mural from a building in Hostomel near Kyiv.

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