Bardot think Nasty Nigel's a right rotter for telling Kim to lose weight...

BARDOT, the AUSTRALIAN ‘POPSTARS’ winners, were horrified today after NME.COM showed them footage of our homegrown NASTY NIGEL telling HEAR’SAY’s KYM MARSH to lose weight.

It was the first time the girls, who have just flown into Britain for a two-week promotional tour, had seen Britain’s ‘Popstars’, and they instinctively took a dislike to Nigel.

Their dislike was compounded following his orders to Kym to lose weight. “If that happened in Australia,” Bardot’s Belinda Chappel said, “there would be a national outrage. There are enough girls with eating disorders for the media to be very careful in what they say. I think Nigel’s comments were awful.”

Bandmate Sally Polihronas spoke for the band when she said: “Kym doesn’t need to lose weight. She looks good and she’s got a great voice.” Bardot went on to claim that they weren’t judged on their looks, and that singing, dancing and personality had been taken into account when the band was chosen. Katie Underwood maintained that none of Bardot had ever been told to lose weight, but that they all went to the gym as they had to keep fit for their singing and dancing routines.