Watch Barry Gibb play the Bee Gees’ ‘Tragedy’ in a gold jacket given to him by the Glastonbury crowd

The veteran artist delivered a crowd-pleasing set during his 'legends slot' performance this afternoon

Barry Gibb rounded off his slot on the Pyramid Stage this afternoon (June 25) by donning a Bee Gees-style gold jacket given to him by a festivalgoer and playing ‘Tragedy’ – watch footage from the performance below.

The Bee Gee’s set in Glastonbury‘s renowned ‘legends slot’ drew a huge crowd to Worthy Farm’s biggest stage at 4pm today, with Gibb drawing heavily from the group’s vast back catalogue during his 75-minute set.

Before playing set closer ‘Tragedy’, Gibb paused to listen to the crowd as they chanted his name. The cheers then turned into a chant of “Barry, wear the jacket / Barry, wear the jacket / La, la, la, la“.


Gibb, laughing at the chant, asked if a member of the stage crew could retrieve the jacket from the crowd – which was being offered by one of three festivalgoers who’d dressed up as The Bee Gees –  as “it would be a pleasure to put it on.”

Donning the jacket, Gibb remarked that it was clearly too small for him, but that it was “OK… you’ve just got me to do this to take the piss?” he joked. Gibb and his band then launched into a rendition of the Bee Gees’ 1979 hit single.

Earlier in the set, Gibb dedicated ‘Words’ to the “people of Manchester and London.”


Gibb’s set came ahead of performances on the Pyramid tonight by Chic (who kicked off at 17:45pm), Biffy Clyro (7:30pm) and headliner Ed Sheeran (9:45pm).