This person started a joke about Barry Gibb’s Glastonbury set and Twitter descended into chaos

Some people really didn't get the joke

One fan’s joke about Barry Gibb‘s Glastonbury performance went viral on Twitter after many users really didn’t get the humour.

The Bee Gee played the festival’s renowned ‘legends slot’ on Sunday afternoon (June 25), drawing heavily from the group’s vast back catalogue during his 75-minute set, including renditions of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, ‘Words’ and ‘Tragedy’ – all songs later covered by other artists.

Joking about this fact, one tweeter, Rachel Burns, wrote: “Shame Barry Gibb hasn’t got more of his own material. First he covered Take That, then Boyzone, now Steps.”


Many didn’t pick up on the irony though, with one reply reading: “No hunny, he actually did the songs first and then THEY covered them”. Another said: “If you knew who Barry Gibb is then you’ll know he wrote the songs you are referring to.”


After she pointed out that it was simply a joke, some Twitter users even tried to accuse Burns of backtracking:

Luckily however, many came out in support of Burns, including comedians Dara Ó Briain and David Baddiel. 

Ó Briain tweeted: “This is a great, silly joke, further elevated to brilliance by the replies. And the replies to the replies,” while Baddiel said: “It’s a great joke. And then the stupidity of responses also hilarious: and terrifying.”

Yet, it didn’t stop Burns from making similar jokes, specifically about Biffy Clyro playing ‘Many Of Horror’, later covered by X Factor‘s Matt Cardle.

It wasn’t the only viral story of Glastonbury. Over the weekend, a fake news story about Radiohead fans mistaking their guitars tuning for a new song also circulated.

Meanwhile, there will not be a Glastonbury in 2018, as the festival prepares to take a fallow year. However, Glasto boss Michael Eavis says that is ‘already regretting’ the decision – and may reconsider if a certain band reform.

“There’s one band I want to re-form – if they re-form, I’ll change my mind,” said Eavis. While he didn’t reveal who that band is, he did add: “It’s not One Direction.”

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