As Hell releases his version of 'Copacabana', Barry it seems is a big Underworld fan...

German techno ubermeister Hell‘s version of the Barry Manilow hit ‘Copacabana’ – including a spectacularly cheesy nu-disco remix by Abe Duque plus Phats & Small‘s Mutant Disco Mix – is out on August 30 on V2 records. It’s the most popular track from his ‘Munich Machine’ album.

But while the serious electro disco underground do tongues-slightly-in-cheek versions of Barry Manilow songs, it turns out that Bazza himself is actually a closet techno head.

A report on US music site Wall Of Sound quotes Manilow himself as an unlikely techno fan.


Underworld is probably going to be the hippest band coming up,” he told them. “I heard Underworld a long time ago and knew something would happen there. The same thing with Fatboy Slim. When I hear them, as a musician it talks to me because I hear somebody doing something very, very different, and my ears perk up. Everything else, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve heard before.”

Manilow confessed to being a fan of LA alternative radio station KROQ and was flattered to hear one band who had sampled a few bars of ‘Could It Be Magic’.

Manilow did not talk about any plans to have his back catalogue remixed by Basement Jaxx or appearing as guest vocalist on a Chemical Brothers track; he is currently working on an album that’s a tribute to Frank Sinatra.

Rumours that Johnny Mathis is secretly into death metal, Neil Diamond is down with the Wu Tang Clan or that Chris De Burgh is a huge fan of Fridge and To Roccoco Rot could not be confirmed.