The Birmingham National Sea Life Centre hope the predators can get it on with the aid of the Walrus Of Love...

BARRY WHITE is to be played to sharks in BIRMINGHAM an attempt to increase their virility.

Songs performed by the Walrus of Love will be played to the fish at the Birmingham National Sea Life Centre from next week (February 12). The idea stems from research in the US that claims fish can appreciate different types of music.

Center curator Josie Sutherland said: “Research showed that fish process music in a similar way to humans and can even appreciate different tunes and melodies. We’ll play lots of different types of music from Barry White to modern pop classics and note the reaction of the sharks to each.

“We’ll soon know if it does the trick because in the early stages of shark courtship the male chases the female at high speed and attempts to bite her back and pectoral fin.”

The experiment may be extended to include different types of fish at the centre.