Anything Steps can do, The Walrus Of Love can do better...

Legendary soul superstar Barry White has been invited to speak before a 900-strong student audience at the OXFORD UNION‘s famous Victorian debating chambers. Previous celebrity speakers have included Madonna, Alan McGee and the Dalai Lama, while Steps are reportedly set to make an appearance.

President of the Oxford Union, Richard Silcock, explained: “Mr White has not just been popular for a few years but for a very long time – his popularity has crossed generations. Barry has come to define the romantic music genre. I think it would be entirely fitting for someone with such a global legendary status as Barry White to speak here at the Oxford Union.”

Thanks to the recent Number One success of the Black Legend cover ‘You See The Trouble With Me’, not to mention his vocal presence in Ally McBeal, Barry White is currently enjoying a renaissance as a new generation discovers his unique brand of orchestrated soul sophistication.

Barry will be in the UK in October to promote his new single, a remix of ‘Let The Music Play’, which was originally a top ten UK hit in 1975.

October also sees the release of The Walrus Of Love‘s new greatest hits package ‘The Platinum Collection’.