And the duo plan to tour the US later this year...

BASEMENT JAXX‘ new album has a working title of ‘ROOTY’, and the duo plan to tour the US for the first time later in the year.

The band revealed the title in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in the US.

A UK spokesperson was unavailable to confirm the title to NME.COM this afternoon (April 9). But if true, the title is taken from the band’s regular club night, which started early last year and has taken place in various south London venues.


However, the duo said they hope to take their live show to the US following the release of their album in June.

Group member Felix Buxton said: “It is more interesting then watching DJing. It’s more entertaining. People can understand the music more as well because it’s not just about being in a club. We’re trying to say something more.”

Buxton also said that plans to work with Janet Jackson may not now materialise. He commented: “I guess it’s probably not going to happen. They were just kind of ideas for songs and grooves. I spoke to her on the phone and we kind of developed one of the ideas, and then she decided she wanted to go in another direction.”

The first single from the album is tentatively scheduled to be ‘Romeo’, which features guest vocals from Kele Le Rock.


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