‘I was basically naked from the waist down’ – Damon Albarn on the worst gig of his life

“Just imagine if anyone had taken film of that, that as a meme!”

Damon Albarn has revealed that an incident in which he pulled down his pants and trousers made for ‘the worst gig experience of his life’.

The Gorillaz frontman was talking to Radio X when he opened up about how a fateful decision somewhat ruined a gig he was performing with Blur.

“One night, I don’t know why I did it, but during one of Graham’s guitar solos, I decided to take my trousers and my pants down,” said Albarn. “I was basically kind of naked from the waist down… Then I suddenly realised what a stupid thing that was to do.”

“An embarrassment that I’d never felt before or since kind of engulfed me.”

Albarn added: “I had to kind of collapse on the floor, being in a fake spasm, while I tried to pull my trousers back up.

“Just imagine if anyone had taken film of that, that as a meme!”

Meanwhile, Albarn recently made headlines when he hit out at Kanye West for ‘trapping’ Sir Paul McCartney in an ‘abusive’ collaboration.

“Don’t get me started on Kanye West,” Albarn said, adding of West and McCartney’s collaboration with Rihanna on ‘FourFiveSeconds’: “I’ve got a problem with that abusive collaboration. Kanye West trapped Paul McCartney.”

“I see Paul McCartney in the video,” Damon added, “but I don’t hear Paul McCartney on the track”.

He added: “Before the collaboration, I sent Paul a text, [saying] “be careful”, because I personally felt that it was not an equal relationship… I just felt that Kanye was abusive.

“But you know, he [McCartney] didn’t pay any attention to it. He is Paul McCartney, after all. And Kanye West is Kanye West. Kanye West is all about Kanye West. He’s like all people who feed off other people.”