Bastille: ‘Our next album will be heavier and guitar-based’

Frontman Dan Smith talks about following up chart-topping 'Bad Blood'

Bastille have said their second album will be much heavier and more eclectic than ‘Bad Blood’.

Frontman Dan Smith also said the follow-up to their debut album, which went straight to the top of the album chart when it was released in March this year, will feature more guitars. Speaking to Gigwise, Smith said: “Will (Farquarson, bassist) has just been given a really beautiful guitar by a really nice fan so we feel like we should probably use it.

He added: “We didn’t really have much of that on the first album and it may not end up on it but it would be quite interesting to try it out. We feel quite free. If we want to go quite electronic then we can and if we want to go more rocky and indie then we can.”

He went on to say the band weren’t feeling any pressure about writing new material, saying they were “chilled out about it”, and that they benefitted from not having much hype or expectation attached to writing their debut. “We just got on with it with no scrutiny whatsoever. We’re slightly past the point of caring about what other people think and I think we just want to make an album that we enjoy making with songs that we’re happy with.”

Bastille are playing various festivals this summer and will tour the UK in October and November.