Bastille: ‘People don’t care about genres of music any more’

Band's second album 'Wild World' has just entered the charts at Number One

Bastille have argued that genre allegiances are less of an issue for today’s music fans.

The London band described their new album ‘Wild World’, which has just entered the charts at Number One, as a “weird, mad, alternative pop record”, on which they felt more “comfortable” jumping from hip-hop to rock.

“I think we just wanted to push what we do a little bit further,” frontman Dan Smith told “I guess it’s interesting that it comes at a time where I think just people don’t really care about genre any more. It’s not a thing.”


“Everyone that we know listens to anything and everything and I guess we wanted to affect that as well,” he added.

‘Wild World’ matches the chart-topping success of the band’s debut album ‘Bad Blood’, which reached Number One in 2013. The lead single from ‘Wild World’, ‘Good Grief’, has so far peaked at Number 13 in the UK.

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Discussing what inspires him to write songs, Bastille’s Dan Smith told NME recently: “I’ve never been interested in diarising my life through song. So much stuff has been done before. So many people have brilliantly articulated the pain of heartbreak or the joy of love or whatever. Those elements exist in our music but I guess I strive to write about unconventional things instead.”