Bastille announce expanded edition of ‘Give Me The Future’ with new songs and covers

It's split into three parts and contains reams of unheard material

Bastille have shared details of an expanded edition of their latest album ‘Give Me The Future‘, with new songs, covers and concepts.

Dubbed ‘Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past’, the new version comprises the original 13-track album (as Part One) plus ‘Dreams Of The Past’ (Part Two) and ‘Other People’s Heartache’ (Part Three). It’s released on August 26 (pre-order here) and its lead single, ‘Revolution’, is out now.

‘Dreams Of The Past’ contains new songs that are described continuing “some of the themes and narrative from the original record, delving into songs that are shot through with notions of technological dependence, human connection and the limitless possibilities of life online”. Part three, meanwhile, nods to the band’s four ‘Other People’s Heartache’ mixtapes (2012-2018) with collaborations, covers and “concept-free creativity”.


“In releasing this version of the record, we wanted to give the complete picture of what we intended with this album and also explore the idea that you can choose your own adventure,” singer Dan Smith said says.

“You can dive into the ideas of the future and an electronic world, or you can fall back into the past – away from technology and into ideas of memory and nostalgia – both thematically and musically. Or you can choose full-on dancefloor heartbreak escape.”

Of ‘Revolution’, Smith said: “The chorus is about the intimacy of human connection in the context of some science fiction, space-centred imagery. But it’s also about the idea of those amazingly thoughtful people who spend their lives trying to change the world in a positive way.

“I’m totally over-awed by people like that – if you’re one of them, like an inventor, activist or scientist – you have to have the ability to imagine a version of the future that’s better than what currently exists, and then have that energy to actually work to make it happen. Alongside all the other things life throws at you. So, I wanted to nod to those people and the idea that before anything big happens, most of them will have had these little revolutions in their minds, a change of perspective that leads to something bigger.”

Bastille Glastonbury
Credit: Parri Thomas


For ‘Other People’s Heartache’ Bastille have enlisted acts including Alok and Tyde and have also covered Bruce Springsteen’s classic ‘Dancing In The Dark’.

Elsewhere, ‘Hope For The Future’ was written for the soundtrack of the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced documentary From Devil’s Breath – a short film about forest fires, climate change and tree planting. It centres around an acoustic guitar melody and Smith’s layered vocals.

“I was thinking about Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver and all the acoustic artists who manage to write music that is both orchestral and floaty, but also a grounded in some grit,” he said.

“It was very much at odds with all of the synthesisers, drum machines and electronic instruments and the production that we were using for ‘Give Me The Future’, but I feel super proud of it.”

Album artwork for Bastille's 'Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past'
Album artwork for Bastille’s ‘Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past’. CREDIT: Press

‘Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past’ tracklist:

Part One – ‘Give Me The Future’:

01. ‘Distorted Light Beam’
02. ‘Thelma + Louise’
03. ‘No Bad Days’
04. ‘Brave New World’ (Interlude)
05. ‘Back To The Future’
06. ‘Plug In…’
07. ‘Promises’ (by Riz Ahmed)
08. ‘Shut Off The Lights’
09. ‘Stay Awake?’
10. ‘Give Me The Future’
11. ‘Club 57’
12. ‘Total Dissociation’ (Interlude)
13. ‘Future Holds’ (feat. BIM)

Part Two – ‘Dreams Of The Past’:

01. ‘Back To The Innerverse’ (Interlude)
02. ‘Real Life’
03. ‘Family Ties’
04. ‘Distorted Light Beam’ (Reprise)
05. ‘Revolution’
06. ‘Survivin’’
07. ‘No More Bad Days’
08. ‘Hope For The Future’

Part Three – ‘Other People’s Heartache’:

01. ‘Other People’s Heartache’ (Interlude)
02. ‘Run Into Trouble’ (Alok x Bastille)
03. ‘Remind Me’
04. ‘Eight Hours’ (Bastille x Tyde)
05. ‘Dancing In The Dark’
06. ‘Running Away’

Elsewhere, last month Bastille released ‘Remind Me’ from ‘Other People’s Heartache’ before news was shared of the forthcoming expanded edition.

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