Bastille give update on new music and ‘Other People’s Heartache’ mixtape series

The band sat down with NME at Rock In Rio Lisboa to discuss their latest projects

Bastille have given an update on their new music and their ‘Other People’s Heartache’ mixtape series.

The band performed at Rock In Rio Lisboa this weekend (June 23), alongside the likes of Muse, Haim, Bruno Mars, and Demi Lovato.

Speaking to NME at the festival, frontman Dan Smith confirmed the promised next instalment of the mixtape series did exist, adding: “There’s a lot of music knocking about.”


“We’ve been working on a couple of albums and a mixtape,” he said. “I guess the way people release music and the way people listen to it has changed and is changing constantly. We wanna get the music out as quickly as possible. We’re sitting on a lot of stuff and constantly making new stuff as well.”

Smith also explained that Bastille are aiming to increase their “output in terms of speed”, with the plan to put “more concise records [out] more regularly than three-and-a-half-year gaps. He added that, while they will be introducing new songs to their set later this summer, they aren’t likely to play the whole of their third album in full before its release.

“As a fan of other bands and other artists, I love when you get a record and you can digest a proper chunk of it in one go and that’s really exciting,” he said. “I think on the last record we maybe learnt that playing them all live before the album came out slightly takes that away. You can hear worse versions on YouTube.”

Speaking about the upcoming third album, Smith also revealed the record contains a track called ‘4AM’ as well as recent single ‘Quarter Past Midnight’.


Rock In Rio Lisboa continues this weekend (June 29-30) with headline slots from The Killers and Katy Perry.