Bastille reveal all on ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ and the ‘euphoric’ sound of their third album

Bastille have spoken on the inspiration behind new single ‘Quarter Past Midnight’, which is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming third album.

The new single was released earlier this month, alongside a video that sees singer Dan Smith receiving a drastic haircut that couldn’t be more different from his trademark quiff.

Speaking to NME backstage at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend, Smith explained how the song was inspired by the feeling of wanting to stay up until the small hours.


“It’s that moment in a night out where it’s literally quarter past midnight and someone people are peeling off and going home, but you just want to keep on going”, Smith told NME.

“You throw yourself into whatever’s next, and it’s that euphoric moment that doesn’t quite ever come back.”

According to Smith, the euphoric track is a big indication of what to expect from the record.

“It hints at where we’re going, but this album is very self-contained in its story and its sound”, Smith said.

“But I’ve also massively contradicted myself. There’s a lot of diversity in there, and I think it defines this last year and this era of what we want to do.


There’s definitely an element of euphoria on the record , but also how close that is to despair at the same time.”

Confirming the record’s completion, Smith said: “It’s finished and our record label refuse to give me a specific date for the release, because they know I will just immediately say it out loud.”