Bastille reach new heights as they perform on terrifying theme park ride

"Dig them AAAAGH!"

Bastille have quite literally reached new heights after they performed on a terrifying drop tower ride.

The ‘Doom Days’ band were performing at Sweden’s Gronalund last night (August 19) when singer Dan Smith decided to tackle the ride midway through the show.

Accompanied by two fans and a cameraman, Smith performed fan favourite ‘Flaws’ as the ride travelled to its highest point.


Footage posted on Twitter shows him getting midway through the song’s chorus before the ride suddenly drops – with Smith letting out a huge scream.

He manages to sing “Deep beneath the ground, dig them”, before the drop prompts a huge “AAAAGH”.

One fan account replied: “This is insane.” Another joked: “I’m the two girls that are crying & not caring that they just fell from like 50 ft.”

It marks the latest highlight in a huge summer for Bastille, having made their Pyramid Stage debut at Glastonbury in June.

Describing their new album ‘Doom Days’ when catching up with NME at the festival, Smith said: “We wanted to look at the tensions between feeling the need to be involved, say what you think and have a voice and engage with stuff, and also live your life and have fun and not think about those things all the time.


“This album is about trying to pursue escapism for a night and being dragged back the other way.