Bastille share new live video of ‘Warmth’

The centre-piece of their huge album 'Wild World'

Bastille has unveiled a new video of their performing the huge track ‘Warmth’ live at Capitol Studios. See it first on NME below.

Taken from their huge 2016 album ‘Wild World’, which NME named one of the best albums of the year, ‘Wild World’ is an essential focal point of the record.

“To us, ‘Warmth’ is the centerpiece of ‘Wild World’,” said frontman Dan Smith. “It’s a song about watching the news and seeing things unfurl across the world that seem kind of mad and overwhelming, and so turning off the TV, going out and losing yourself in someone because you don’t know how else to react. It’s a song that has kept ringing more and more true as we’ve played it throughout the year.

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“We wanted to strip ‘Warmth’ back to present it in a way that shows off the emotion of the song, and we were lucky enough to record this version at the legendary Capitol Studios with a brilliant strings section. It’s great to finally be able to release it because it’s an important song to us and we’re really proud of this.”

Last week saw Bastille confirmed to be performing at Reading & Leeds festival 2017 – alongside the likes of Muse, Major Lazer, At The Drive In and many more.