Watch Bastille’s apocalyptic video for new single ‘World Gone Mad’

Song soundtracks Netflix's new Will Smith-starring film 'Bright'

Bastille have shared a new single called ‘World Gone Mad’. Scroll below to watch its apocalyptic video.

The song features on the soundtrack for upcoming Netflix movie Bright, which will star Will Smith and arrives on the streaming service from December 22.

“We are in the midst of finishing a mixtape, and in the middle of an album,” frontman Dan Smith told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “They’re called ‘Other People’s Heartache’ and it was this sort of hyper real cinematic vaguely hip hop collaborations project where we got to work with lots of different bands/producers/vocalists and spoken word people and rappers and kind of use covers in other people’s songs as a starting point but this one’s a real mix of collaborations.”


Smith added: “With the next album we sort of want to acknowledge that we’re living in that world but it’s more of a moment and trying to have a fun time with your friends for a minute in the context of that because I think that can be so overwhelming and anxiety-provoking. Sometimes it’s necessary for your sanity to hone in on the things that you love and the people you enjoy hanging out with. I want our next record – it’s going to be a much more intimate probably slightly more inward looking and fun record. It’s like an apocalyptic party record is what I’ve been calling it.”

Watch the video for ‘World Gone Mad’ below:

Meanwhile, Bastille recently confirmed that their third album is “pretty much written”.

The band released second album ‘Wild World’ last year, the follow-up to 2013 debut ‘Bad Blood’.