Watch Bat For Lashes’ Live Lounge performances of ‘In God’s House’ and ‘Sunday Love’

Both are taken from her latest album, ‘The Bride’

Bat For Lashes performed ‘In God’s House’ and ‘Sunday Love’ for BBC 6 Music’s Live Lounge at Maida Vale yesterday (July 4), and now you can hear both tracks in full. Scroll down for the video of ‘In God’s House’, and find the audio for ‘Sunday Love’ underneath that.

Bat For Lashes, real name Natasha Khan, performed with her band, playing the tracks taken from her latest album ’The Bride’, which was released on June 30, after appearing on the John Peel Stage on the Sunday of Glastonbury Festival (June 26).

Shortly after that performance Khan told fans in a webchat on The Guardian that she was “devastated” by the result of the EU referendum, where Britain decided to leave the EU.


In response to a fan’s question, Khan wrote: “I’m obviously devastated by the message that this choice has put out to the world, because I’m a product of a multicultural society. My mother lives in Germany, I have French aunties and uncles and cousins, and I’ve benefitted from being part of the European community. And my dad is Pakistani, an immigrant in this country, and met my mother and I was born out of his ability to come and live and work here.”

“However, I’d like to offer some reassurance in the fact that I think the corporate structures of our world are not serving us and haven’t done for many years, and even though this is a scary time of unrest and upheaval, looking at it from a grander perspective, it’s an important part of the breakdown of outmoded political and economic models.

“I hope this helps us to break down the things that aren’t working for us any more, and to bring about more emphasis on community, loving our neighbours, re-educating ourselves that we are all global citizens, and start to rebuild structures we’re facing in the future, like stopping wars that create the immigration crisis, environmental issues we’ve been ignoring for too long, and the fact we need to reach out to each other as a global human race.”

Earlier this year, Khan bemoaned Instagramming at festivals, saying it had sent them “a bit weird”. Speaking to The Guardian again, she said: “People should try and disconnect from the technology and get into the spirit of things” because festivals should be “an opportunity to forget life back at home, live a magical existence, dress up, have loads of fun, get involved and forget social media.”