Bat For Lashes begins ‘darker’ second album

Mercury and Brit nominee starts recording in New York

Bat For LashesNatasha Khan is set to go into the studio next week (February 25) to start work on her second record.

The singer-songwriter will be recording the follow-up to ‘Fur And Gold’, her Mercury Music Prize-nominated 2006 debut, in New York.

Khan claims the album will have a darker, more electronic feel than her more pastoral, keyboard-led debut, saying: “I don’t think it could be too wildly different because it always comes from the heart and that’s coming from the same place, but I think it’s gonna be more visceral, a bit more beaty and possibly a bit more darker.”


The Brit Awards nominee is also set to collaborate with New York band Gang Gang Dance on the album.

Speaking to XFM, Khan explained: “They’re gonna play drums and synths and I’m not gonna give away too much but it might involve, like, choirs and beats and electronics. So it’s all gonna be a big mixture.”

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