Bat For Lashes and New Young Pony Club team up

'Rock Chicks' campaign against fast food chain

Bat For LashesNatasha Khan and New Young Pony Club singer Tahita Bulmer have teamed up to fight against fast food chains.

Along with Hadouken!, The Sounds, The Long Blondes and Blood Red Shoes the groups are supporting peta2 to stop the slaughter and abuse of chickens.

A statement from peta2 reads: “We are standing up for chicks and urging KFC to adopt basic animal welfare standards that will improve the living and dying conditions for the birds who are unfortunate enough to end up in your buckets. Until that happens we birds agree boycott KFC.”


The cruelties peta2 claim include throat-slitting and chickens being bred purposefully too large and fast.

Blood Red Shoes singer Laura Mary Carter said: “I watched the video on the peta2 site and saw how KFC treats its chickens. It’s so disgusting that they can get away with that. If people saw how the animals were treated, they’d never set foot in a KFC again.”