Bat for Lashes: Festivals have gone a bit weird because everyone’s instagramming

Natasha Khan makes a plea for people to get off their phones and live in the moment this summer

Bat for Lashes has one piece of advice for people who want to get the most out of festivals this summer: “get off your phone, stop taking selfies and listen to the music!”

The singer, whose real name is Natasha Khan thinks “people should try and disconnect from the technology and get into the spirit of things” because festivals should be “an opportunity to forget life back at home, live a magical existence, dress up, have loads of fun, get involved and forget social media”.

She was speaking to the Guardian ahead of several festival appearances of her own this summer, including End of the Road in September, and Coachella in the USA.


Khan, whose singular, mystical style at the start of her career has done so much to shape modern festival fashions, said: “We had a no-phones show last month and I’d forgotten how much it really changes when the audience aren’t taking pictures of you or filming it, just when everyone’s really present. Festivals really benefit from that mass communication of everyone being in the moment.”

She admitted that it can be odd to see so many people wearing flower crowns and head-dresses, saying:
“It was weird because something so special, magical, deep and meaningful for me has become so generic and a uniform in a way.”

But, she confessed, it’s “partly flattering to see my makeup and the colours I like using everywhere because it means it spoke to the collective conscious”.