Bat For Lashes announces 2019 UK tour

Step inside the '80s dreamland of 'Lost Girls'

Bat For Lashes has announced details of a UK tour for November 2019. Check out full dates and ticket details below.

Last week saw Natasha Khan release her acclaimed fifth album ‘Lost Girls‘ – hailed by NME as “a whole world  of ’80s magic to get lost in”.

“Across her four previous records, Bat For Lashes framed her dance music with fairytale glam and star-gazing pop, characters and concepts, growing wiser each time,” read the NME review. “Here, on her most consistent work to date, she’s still dramatic, seductive and theatrical, but fully cut loose. This is Khan’s own heroic moment.”


Now, to celebrate the album, Khan will head out on the below dates this winter. Tickets go on sale from 9am on September 19 and will be available here.

Thursday November 21 – Birmingham, Town Hall
Saturday November 23 – Edinburgh, Queens Hall
Sunday November 24 – Manchester, Albert Hall
Tuesday November 26 – London, Earth
Thursday November 28 – Brighton, St Bartholomews Church

“With most albums I’ll start them as a film idea then write a script, a narrative or a story, then I’ll flesh out the soundtrack in my mind and that becomes the album,” Khan told NME about the origins of ‘Lost Girls‘.

“It happened again with this one, but this time I was talking to production companies while working on a feature-length script for the story. However the music comes so quickly and easily sometimes that it just becomes an album. I’m still working on it, and there will eventually be a debut feature film.”

Explaining the plot, she revealed: “It’s basically about a girl called Nikki who is obsessed with alien phenomena and sightings and weird things happening. She meets a boy who lives in this town that is being terrorised by a gang of mystical girls who ride bikes and come from the desert. Together they do this kind of Mulder and Scully investigation trying to find out who these girls are and where they come from.”