Bataclan terror attack movie postponed after victims’ family protests

The TV movie had already been filmed.

A TV movie set during the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 has been postponed.

One-off drama Ce Soir-Là (That Night) has been filmed and is still in the editing stages, but the entire project has been put on hold by French public broadcaster France 2, Deadline reports.

130 people were killed during the attacks on November 13, 2015, with 89 of those being murdered at an Eagles of Death Metal gig at the Bataclan.

Over 42,500 people have signed a petition set up by Claire Peltier, whose partner and father of her two children David was killed at the entrance of the Bataclan that night.

“Two years later, our wounds are still alive, our sorrows are immense, our lives are bruised,” she said.

Pete Doherty at the Bataclan (Getty Images)

Pete Doherty at the Bataclan (Getty Images)

She criticised the reported plot of the film, a romance being born as two wounded victims hide from the shooting.

Peltier called on France 2 and president of France Télévisions Delphine Ernott to cancel the project.

France 2 has now said: “The film, which is still being edited, has not been seen by the channel’s management.

“France 2 has made the decision to postpone this project until the production has widely consulted all victims’ associations.”

Peltier said in her original petition: “We are scandalised that such a film project could see the light of day so soon after this violent event.

“To live our mourning, we need silence, modesty, dignity, respect… can not you find other fictional subjects to attract your viewers, without rekindling our pain and mourning?

“Art can certainly have a restorative and consoling function, but please don’t dare to talk here about artistic project.”

Since the tragedy in 2015, a number of tribute concerts have been staged, including shows by Sting, Pete Doherty and Eagles of Death Metal themselves.