Bathe in the glory of Lightning Seeds performing ‘Three Lions’ after England’s World Cup Sweden win


This weekend saw The Lightning Seeds perform a huge gig in Sunderland shortly after England’s World Cup victory against Sweden. Check out footage of the band’s triumphant performance of ‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’ below.

The song, originally a collaboration with Baddiel And Skinner when it found fame in the ’90s, has seen a massive rise in streams and popularity having become the adopted anthem of England’s football squad as they continue to progress through the World Cup.

On Saturday, the band played a show in Sunderland supported by The Bluetones and Reverend & The Makers. The highlight of their set came with the outing of the legendary single.


Makers frontman Jon McClure captured the euphoric moment, Tweeting: “Where better to be then with the Lightning Seeds last night?

“Broudie is such a brilliant bloke n’ all. Was telling me and [guitarist] Ed Cosens about how they wrote the tune. Whole band are brilliant folk.”

The track has recently has seen a huge resurgence. ‘Three Lions’ was originally released in 1996 to mark England’s hosting of Euro ’96. The song was then reworked and re-released in 1998 to accompany England’s World Cup campaign that summer. The two tracks’ streaming stats have been combined by Spotify in one handy graphic to illustrate how ‘Three Lions’ reached its all-time high for streams on Tuesday night following England’s win in the Second Round. There were over 450,000 streams of ‘Three Lions’ in one day alone.

As a result, ‘Three Lions’ has risen up to No.24 in the UK singles charts.