Battle rapper Tech 9’s death reportedly ruled a suicide

The rapper died earlier this year.

The death of Battle rapper Tech9 has been ruled a suicide, according to reports.

News of the rapper’s passing on March 24 was first shared by battle rapper Buttah From The Block, who announced the news of his friend’s death in a post on Facebook after speaking to the Tech 9’s father.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, the first deputy coroner of the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office, Alexander Balacki, has now made an official determination of suicide.

Born Akeem Mickens, Tech 9, not to be confused with Strange Music’s Tech N9ne, was a staple in the battle rap community for well over 10 years. A co-host of Champion, he’s battled some of the sport’s elite MCs, including T-Rex, Arsenal and Rich Dolarz as part of Smack’s Ultimate Rap League.

News of Tech9’s passing was shared earlier this year

In April, it was revealed that the rapper was facing charges for alleged child porn and sexual assault offences at the time of his death.

The rapper was arrested on January 5 in Philadelphia and charged with possession of child pornography, indecent assault, indecent exposure and corruption of minors. Official documents showed that he was due to be arraigned in Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court on March 25.

The criminal docket against Mickens featured charges including sexual offences relating to unlawful contact with minors, corruption of minors, indecent assault of a minor, harassment, indecent exposure, child pornography and more.

The rappers appointed lawyer, Cowanis L. Duckett, said he believed the accusations were “some kind of retaliation” against his client in a comment to PhillyVoice.

He continued:“Circumstances surrounding the timing of the actual accusation seem to me to be an act of retaliation rather than … an actual incident that happened.”