Marilyn Manson band member appears in film posthumously

Bauhaus man provides the score for 'The Devil's Muse'

Marilyn Manson‘s former band member Gidget Gein appears in the film ‘The Devil’s Muse’, which will screen in Los Angeles on Thursday (October 23).

The bassist, who died earlier this month of a suspected drug overdose, plays the part of the murderer in the horror/murder mystery about the Black Dahlia.

David J of Bauhaus and Love And Rockets wrote the score for the film. “I ran with the idea of the Black Dahlia,” he told NME.COM. “I became consumed by it and wrote the pieces. I made the music and just handed it over (to the director).”

David J will perform songs from the film at Thursday’s screening at Los Angeles’ Engine Theatre. A DVD of the film and double-disc soundtrack package are available via Halo 8.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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