Spoken word track by Australian film director, already a freak US hit, will annoy the hell out of you real soon...

BAZ LUHRMAN, director of Strictly Ballroom and Romeo & Juliet, releases his single ‘Everybody’s Free (To Wear SUNSCREEN)’ on May 31, a single that is already garnering blanket radio play on Radio 1 and Capital Radio.

The spoken word record was written by a Chicago Tribune columnist as a mock graduation address; Luhrman picked up on it when an internet hoax claimed that it was written by author and satirist Kurt Vonnegut.

Luhrman produced the record using actor Lee Perry (no relation to THE Lee Perry) to supply the voiceover.

The record has already become a massive cult hit in the US, spawning factions who believe that it strikes a deep emotional chord within them and others who have dubbed it the most annoying record ever made.

Luhrman, meanwhile, has announced that the follow up to Romeo & Juliet will be Moulin Rouge starring Ewan McGregor set in belle epoque Paris around the famous music hall.