BBC Radio 1 scrap Logan Paul interview after huge backlash from listeners

"Why on EARTH is he getting any more publicity?!"

BBC Radio 1 and Charlie Sloth cancelled an interview with controversial  YouTube star Logan Paul after receiving a huge backlash from listeners.

Paul was interviewed alongside fellow YouTuber KSI ahead of their upcoming amateur boxing match at Manchester Arena on August 25, prompting outcry from listeners. The show was due to air last night:


Most notably, Paul’s career was rocked at the beginning of the year after he uploaded a video featuring the body of a suicide victim.  The clip, which was watched over one million times on Paul’s YouTube channel, showed the vlogger and his friends discovering a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, a notorious suicide hotspot.

A trailer for the show posted on BBC Radio 1’s Twitter earlier this week caused instant backlash from those arguing that the controversial Paul should not be given any publicity, following a string of controversies.

In the wake of this, many listeners have called on Radio 1 not to broadcast the interview with Paul and KSI. “Why on EARTH is he getting any more publicity?! He’s absolutely disgusting!” replied one user.


Then, BBC Radio One took to Twitter to announce that the interview had been pulled:

“Tonight, we were going to hear from Logan Paul and KSI,” said Sloth. “We wanted to talk about their boxing match, and find out what it was all about.

“We had a whole segment planned out. We were listening back to the interview with Logan, and even though it was only one part of a wider piece, we don’t feel it’s right [to air it].

“We decided we’re not going to run it. We know some of you have very strong views on Logan, but at the end of the day, if we don’t think it’s good enough, we ain’t gonna go with it!”

A similar statement issued via BBC Radio One’s Twitter also received criticism from listeners:

Controversial Youtube star Logan Paul
Controversial Youtube star Logan Paul

Host Charlie Sloth has been vocal in his criticism of Logan Paul in the past. In January he named the YouTuber his ‘Wally of the Week’, beating the likes of Donald Trump to the accolade.

“Millions and millions of people around the world look up to Logan Paul including loads of youngsters, my children are some of those youngsters, they look up to Logan Paul like a superstar” he said on his show in January. “Fam, let’s face it, you are an absolute wally.”

Sloth made a point of criticising Paul’s initial reaction to the outrage, with an ‘apology’ that many deemed to be self-serving. “He made that apology to massage his own ego, I don’t feel like he even cared,” said Sloth. “I don’t think he felt any remorse whatsoever and that made me feel even worse about the whole thing.”

Paul later uploaded a more lengthy second apology and begged for a second chance. He subsequently returned with a video about suicide awareness, before returning to regular content.

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