Beach House preview a pair of tracks from new album ‘Depression Cherry’

'PPP' and 'Beyond Love' clips featured in a radio interview

Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House have unveiled two tracks from up-and-coming fifth studio album ‘Depression Cherry’.

‘PPP’ and ‘Beyond Love’ featured as part of an interview with Boston radio station WBUR, and follow the launch of new single ‘Sparks’, also from the album, a month ago. Extended clips of the two tracks intersperse the interview.

On WBUR, Victoria Legrand talked about the feel of the album, explaining that ‘Depression Cherry’ “continues to change meaning for me. If anything, it’s full of many things: love, pain, getting older, dealing with loss, letting go. It’s ultimately whatever the listener feels and responds to.”


Alex Scally added that “The albums are part of our intrinsic musical personalities, like fingerprints to us. What do our brains make when we make something? Part of it is just the actual instruments we use. We play with guitar and organs and drum machines and reverb. Every time we find a new organ it’s like a moment of inspiration. The two new organs we found over the last couple of years are both on this record.”

You can listen to ‘PPP’ at approximately 4’30, and ‘Beyond Love’ at around 7’00, below:

‘Depression Cherry’ is due out on Sub Pop on August 28, almost three and a half years after the release of fourth album ‘Bloom’.