Polyvinyl Records to pull Beach Slang’s music after emotional abuse allegations against frontman James Alex

James Alex was accused of emotional abuse by his former manager last week

Polyvinyl Records, the label that signed Philadelphia band Beach Slang in 2015, will pull distribution of the group’s music after allegations of emotional abuse were made against frontman James Alex.

Last week, the singer was accused of emotional abuse by former manager Charlie Lowe, who alleged she endured “constant emotional, psychological & narcissistic abuse from James Alex for years”.

“Fuck him for using me as his goddamn personal servant, on tour & not. For making sure I was always so financially fucked with no other options. For being a textbook narcissist abuser. For making me feel so worthless & alone. I see you clearly now,” Lowe wrote on Twitter.

Alex’s family responded to the allegations on Instagram yesterday, revealing that Alex attempted to take his own life and is currently receiving treatment at an inpatient facility.

“Yes he had moments of compulsiveness, emotional instability, and chaotic relationships, but none of his actions were intentional or meant to hurt or harm anyone, certainly not those who cared for or believed in him,” the family wrote.

“They were an unfortunate result of unimaginable childhood trauma, violent physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and years of untreated resultant severe mental health issues.”

The family’s statement also noted that Alex has no plans to return to music and that Beach Slang “is over”. Read it below.

In a statement provided to Billboard, Polyvinyl said it is in the process of halting the distribution of Beach Slang’s music, as well as the music of Alex’s side project, Quiet Slang.

Polyvinyl signed Beach Slang in 2015, and have released all of their studio albums with the exception of their most recent record. Beach Slang’s 2020 album ‘The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City’ was released by Bridge Nine Records.

“Polyvinyl stands in solidarity with those who have come forward about their experiences with James Alex of Beach Slang,” the statement reads. “We have begun the process of discontinuing our involvement in the sale and distribution of Beach Slang and Quiet Slang releases.

“We have said it before and it bears repeating: Our company operates on the core principle that everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and respect. Active accountability builds safer and healthier communities.”

Following allegations of sexual assault against PWR BTTM member Ben Hopkins in 2017, Polyvinyl took similar action, ending its distribution arrangement with the band.

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