Album was recorded in Dinosaur Jr frontman's house...

DINOSAUR JR vocalist J MASCIS has contributed guitar on two tracks on the forthcoming album by BEACHWOOD SPARKS, ‘ONCE WE WERE TREES’.

Recorded in the living room of Mascis’s Massachusetts home, Beachwood Sparks frontman Chris Gunst said that getting the guitarist to guest on ‘Yer Selfish Ways’ and ‘Jugglers’ Revenge’ was easy.

He said: “It was at his house, so he was just chilling in the kitchen while we were tracking our songs, giving us positive feedback. It was all of our idea to have him play, we were just sitting around, it was natural, nothing weird.”

Gunst explained the seemingly incongruous pairing that led to Beachwood Sparks recording at Mascis’ home in the country last winter.

“We went on tour with him and right before we were going to record, he said, ‘Why don’t you just come on out and use my studio?’ You can go hiking in the fields behind his house and stuff like that, so it was fun.”

The album is due for release in the UK before the end of the year via Rough Trade.