Liam Gallagher on Prince Harry: ‘If I was a ginger prince I’d get pissed and naked every night’

Beady Eye man also calls Russell Brand a "dick"

Liam Gallagher has said he thinks Prince Harry is “cool” and that he’d love to go out on the lash with him, after pictures emerged of the him naked with friends in Las Vegas.

The Beady Eye frontman told the Daily Star “I’d like to party with Prince Harry. He’s cool… If I was a ginger Prince and third in line to the throne, I’d get pissed and naked every night. Just for the hell of it.”

“I’ve never got so bladdered I’ve got naked though. Like I said, I can handle my booze,” he added.


The former Oasis man also spoke out about Russel Brand, who is currently dating Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. “Russell’s a dick,” he said. “I don’t really care about any of his relationships. All I know is anyone can do better than go out with him. I get on with Geri, she’s all right. We’ve both got small dogs so we meet on Hampstead Heath sometimes.”

Speaking about hanging out with the Spice Girls after their performances at the Olympics closing ceremony, Gallagher added: “The Spice Girls were a lot better on the booze than I thought after the Olympics… They’re not bad for old dears… They’ll never outlast me though, no-one will… I’m not saying I’m a God, but I’m not far off.”

Earlier this week, the singer presented Olympic Gold Medal winner and famous mod Bradley Wiggins with the Lifetime Achievement gong at the GQ Men of the Year Awards.


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