Liam Gallagher: ‘Pretty Green store looting wasn’t personal’

Beady Eye frontman also insists it wouldn't have been 'fucking wise' to take on the rioters himself

Beady Eye singer Liam Gallagher has spoken for the first time about the looting of his Pretty Green store in Manchester.

An estimated £272,000 worth of stock was stolen and one looter, who pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary, was jailed for eight months after stealing £175 worth of clothing from the store.

But the singer said he didn’t think the attack on his shop was personal and he was more concerned about staff at the store getting injured.


He told Time Out Tokyo magazine:

I don’t think it was personal, everyone got hit, didn’t they. The main thing is that no one got hurt and that works for Pretty Green. The gaff didn’t get burnt down, we’re insured. They’re only clothes, know what I mean. I wouldn’t want it to be happening on a weekly basis, but yeah man, everything’s been taken care of.

The store, which is situated on the city’s King Street, was looted last month after rioting occurred in central Manchester. Its front door and windows were left smashed after looters gained access and took a huge number of items.

Asked if he fancied defending the store himself, Gallagher added:

What, stand there with a baseball bat? I don’t think that would’ve been wise, would it? They only would’ve fucking pinched it anyway and ran off.

Beady Eye are currently on tour in Japan.


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