Liam Gallagher: ‘Beady Eye will record a second album, whether people like it or not’

Singer also admits he didn't like starting legal action against brother Noel

Beady Eye will enter the studio to begin work on their second album in February “whether people like it or not”, frontman Liam Gallagher has said.

The singer has said that the band, who announced a new set of UK live dates yesterday (August 30), have more than enough material written for the follow-up to ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ and have their minds set on turning it around quickly.

Asked when Beady Eye would be in the studio, he told BBC 6Music:

February or the end of January we will be in (the studio) doing our album. We’ve got enough material for another record and that is what we shall do, whether people like it or not.

He also spoke about the ongoing legal case against brother Noel, revealing that he did not enjoy the process of pursuing legal action, but felt he had no choice. He said:

Listen, that had to happen, I don’t take lightly to be called a fraud. I feel sad but I feel a lot sadder that there are people walking around thinking that I wouldn’t get out of bed because I had a few beers. I’ve called the dogs off a little bit but there still a few things that need to be cleared up, I didn’t like doing it and it hurts a lot of people around it but it had to be done.

Gallagher also couldn’t resist a dig at his brother’s new material, saying of Noel‘s solo debut: “I have sung on half of them [the tracks], it was a lot better when I was singing on them but I am sure people will like the soft approach.”