Liam Gallagher’s hat thief comes forward

The Beady Eye frontman's fedora was pilfered at T In The Park

The man who stole Liam Gallagher‘s hat at T In The Park has owned up.

The Beady Eye singer’s black fedora was pinched while the band performed at the Scottish festival’s final day on Sunday (July 10).

But after The Sun put out an appeal for its return, the culprit has come forward.

Rob Lockhart of Fife admitted to pinching the item. He told the paper: “I took it when he came down to sing to the crowd and I stuck it in my trousers. Liam looked at me and said ‘please give it back,’ but I told him there was no way. He said ‘you’ll pay for this,’ then grabbed me and tore my jacket before security pulled him away.”

However, on owning up, Lockhart took one final swipe at the former Oasis star, saying the hat was not even a designer label. He said: “The hat’s only from H&M, though. I thought it would be from his Pretty Green label or something.”

It is not yet clear whether he intends to return the hat.