Liam Gallagher: ‘The guitar Noel smashed when Oasis split will fund my pension’

Beady Eye man says Paris altercation has left him with a piece of rock'n'roll history

Liam Gallagher has joked that he’s planning to use the guitar smashed by his brother Noel when Oasis split to fund his pension.

The Beady Eye man recalled the altercation, which occurred in Paris in 2009, during an interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, which was broadcast on Channel 4 last night (July 1).

Asked whether rumours that he smashed one of Noel‘s guitars during the incident were true, Liam responded: “No it was the other way round, he smashed one of mine. I’ve still got it in pieces. It’s a shame, it was a nice guitar.


He continued: “It’s rock’n’roll history man, it’ll be worth a few quid that in a few year’s time that. I could sell it on in bits. That’s my pension.”

A supposed eyewitness account published on a gossip website in 2009 claimed that both Liam and Noel smashed each other’s guitars during the fight.

Liam also reiterated his belief that Beady Eye are better than Oasis, commenting: “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think we were better.”

The singer also discussed his decision to quit alcohol and his reasons for not attending Noel’s recent wedding to Sara Macdonald.

Beady Eye performed their new single ‘The Beat Goes On’ to close the programme, which is available to watch on 4oD for the next six days.