Liam Gallagher: ‘I might play Oasis songs with Beady Eye’

Singer says he is entitled to perform his old band's tracks just as much as his brother Noel Gallagher

Liam Gallagher has hinted that he may play Oasis songs with Beady Eye in the future.

The singer who has refused to perform any tracks by his former band so far despite the fact his brother Noel Gallagher is currently revisiting them on tour, said fans may get a chance to hear some next year.

He told US radio station Live 105:

The mentality is, Oasis was no longer, we believed, and still believe, in our album, and we’re not going to play any old songs and we’re going to stick to it until the end of the year.


Gallagher added: “And maybe next time we go out, next year, with the new album, we could get a few in there – who knows.

“But I think we’ve done alright without playing them. I’ve got no desire to play them at the moment to be quite honest, I’ve heard them enough. But, you know, maybe next year we might throw a few in there.”

The singer also said he has just as much right to perform the songs, even though his brother wrote most of them.

He added: “If I wanted to play them we’d play them, no one’s stopping us from playing them, I feel they’re my songs as much as Noel’s, regardless of whether I wrote them.”

“It’s like Elvis, you’d hate the guy who wrote Elvis‘ songs to be singing them wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t know what the fuck was going on. If I want to play them, I’ll play them.”

His comments come despite the fact that he ruled out any chance of the band playing Oasis songs earlier this year.


The pair reportedly resumed their legal battle earlier this week. Their mother Peggy Gallagher has since pleaded with the pair to sort their differences out.