Beady Eye cover The Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’ as Gem Archer returns to stage – watch

Liam Gallagher band performed at Dublin's Olympia last night (November 7)

Beady Eye covered The Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’ during their gig in Dublin last night, their first show back since guitarist Gem Archer recovered from a fractured skull.

The band, led by Liam Gallagher, performed the first night of their UK tour at the Olympia in the Irish capital, performing tracks from their 2013 album ‘BE’ as well as Oasis classics and material from the first Beady Eye album. Scroll down to see a full setlist.

Video footage of the band performing ‘Gimme Shelter’, originally released by The Rolling Stones in 1969, can be seen above. A tweet from the official Beady Eye Twitter account captured the moment the band stepped onto the stage. It was captioned simply: “Tour has begun”


Prior to the Olympia gig, Gem Archer spoke for the first time about the injuries which caused Beady Eye to cancel performances in Belgium, Japan and at V Festival this summer.

Talking to NME ahead of the band’s show Archer recounted how he slipped at home in August and fractured his skull, leading to a week in hospital.

He said: “The odd thing is I can’t remember falling, or much after it. It was pretty serious, shall we say, and there are a lot of people affected by it, but it seems we’re through it. My wife, certainly, and the kids… It was something I wouldn’t wish on anybody. I almost feel I missed it all, but they didn’t – they went through it and it was horrible.”

Beady Eye played:

‘White Smoke’
‘Flick of the Finger’
‘Face the Crowd’
‘Four Letter Word’
‘Soul Love’
‘Second Bite of the Apple’
‘Iz Rite’
‘Shine a Light’
‘Live Forever’
‘The World’s Not Set In Stone’
‘I’m Just Saying’
‘Soon Come Tomorrow’
‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’
‘The Roller’
‘Start Anew’
‘Bring the Light’
‘Dreaming of Some Space’
‘Gimme Shelter’