Liam Gallagher spends £3,000 on computer games and children’s toys for himself

'I'm a big kid at heart,' says Beady Eye frontman of his bizarre spending spree

Liam Gallagher spent £3,000 on computer games and children’s toys for himself on a recent shopping spree, according to reports.

The Daily Star claims that the Beady Eye frontman was spotted in a toy store blowing his cash on items including toy helicopters, remote control cars and game consoles.

A source claimed:

Liam left a toy store with loads of stuff and confessed: ‘I’m a big kid at heart, I enjoy boys’ toys, what can I say?’ He did say he’s planning to really treat his kids too, though.


The former Oasis singer is also a self-confessed fan of the children’s cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants. In 2008, he commissioned an artist to draw him a picture of the character in the style of pop artist Andy Warhol, so he could hang it on the wall of his house alongside portraits of Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix.

Liam Gallagher was criticised by mental health charity Mind last weekend (November 12) after he described 80s pop star Adam Ant, who suffers from bipolar disorder, as “nutty”.

A row had broken out between the two men after Ant demanded that he and Gallagher sorted out a dispute over a track “man to man”. Ant wanted to feature the song in question, which was penned by Beady Eye‘s Andy Bell, on his recent solo album but claimed that the singer would not let him.

However, earlier this week (November 14), Bell insisted that the dispute had “nothing to do” with Gallagher and expressed his regret that he had been “dragged” into the argument.

Gallagher is currently touring the UK with Beady Eye. He recently claimed that his brother Noel Gallagher was “desperate” for an Oasis reunion to take place in 2015, and also said he was keen to make an Oasis biopic.